10 Takeaways from Boss Talk LIVE!

Hi Mark Makers!

In this week’s episode I discuss 10 take aways from Boss talk LIVE! I was honored to facilitate the panel at this event hosted by Mena Darre’ of Mena Darre Photography. Topic was ‘Learn how to transition from employee to BOSS’. Panelists were Dasha Kennedy founder of The Broke Black Girl, Jance Chartae boutique owner and founder of The Boutique Academy, Cory Holmes founder of Holmes Organics and Bryce Mitchell founder of New Era Fitness. Make sure ya’ll check then out!

One of my favorite take aways that I forgot to mention in the podcast episode was how important it was for each of them that they were making an impact in lives of others. I rocks with that. Salute to them.

Check out the episode below! Don’t forget to leave a comment and review on iTunes for the podcast. Thanks for your support!

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