Mentor Me Series: How to Become Photographer?

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Today kickoffs something new on the Making Her Mark podcast. That’s the Mentor Me series. Where a trusted advisor will advise on their specific industry and provide guidance from an insider’s view.

I remember when I first started college and even my career I had no clue what I wanted to do and it would have been helpful to just talk to different people on what they did and how they did it. Something like an insiders guide on the good, the bad and the ugly. This has also been the case for me as I’ve considered pivoting or changing roles throughout my career. So, I thought maybe other people have felt that way or are feeling that way.

Whether you’re in between jobs, considering a side hustle, in the midst of thinking of making a career change - then this Making Her Mark Mentor Me episodes are for you. Insight, tips, and tools will be shared by individuals who are working in specific industries and they will share how you can get started, challenges they face, things they love and applications and tools that will help you be successful.

In today’s episode Mena Darre’ is discussing how to become a photographer.

Mena discusses the following:

  • 3 tips to get you started

  • skills needed

  • things she loves about the being a photographer

  • challenges with being a photographer

  • how to stand out in this industry

  • tools and applications to get you started

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