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Stacey Flowers is a TED speaker, business strategist, and author who will make you happy! Flowers has successfully navigated the world both as a professional and serial entrepreneur publishing her first book: Pregnant With Purpose in 2012 , followed by The Happy Factor and God Wants You to Be Happy.

She has experience in corporate consulting and motivating all ages. Her hope is to teach people to live beyond preconceptions, boundaries, and limiting beliefs. Stacey has engaged a variety of audiences on more than a dozen life topics. Her sessions include a diversity of subjects focused on driving success, discovering personal leadership, and expanding your capacity to influence. Her personal mission is to infect the world with happiness. In addition to her speaking circuit Stacey presently consults with colleges and universities on postsecondary educational resources for underrepresented groups.

This episode is for you if you are trying to shift your perspective, you're trying to find your voice or you are trying to bounce back after hitting a low point in business or life.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Experiencing a great deal of trauma early in life

  • The power of having someone stand in agreement with you

  • Being tested so God can prove to you that you can do it

  • Needing a cheerleader in life not just doing the bad times, but, also in good times to keep you on course

  • Getting comfortable with your journey and the mistakes you've made

  • Learning the practice and art of receiving

Stacey's most:

Impactful Read:

Book of Proverbs in the Bible

You can heal your life by Louise L. Hay

Advice Received: Everything is going to be okay.

What is making a mark to Stacey?

Making a mark for me is me completely and fulling helping other people to step into their happiness – which would mean ushering them in a space where they are able to unleash their God given talent to positively influence the world.

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