Jasmine Lawrence Founder of EDEN BodyWorks

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Starting at only 13 years of age, Jasmine Lawrence, Founder of EDEN BodyWorks is on the road to success. With the drive and determination of a seasoned CEO she is strategically making her mark. EDEN BodyWorks was driven from Jasmine’s own need for a natural hair care solution. With hair that was damaged by harsh chemicals, Jasmine sought to develop unique products that were all natural and really worked. Unlike most products that are cosmetic in nature, her mission was to develop hair care products that actually deliver their promises. This episode is for you if you are struggling with balance, working to support the needs of the community, or you're working to build relationships.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How starting her business built confidence in herself

  • Growing an organization that can help with social change

  • Jasmine's thoughts on greater the risk the greater the reward

  • Her strategy to balancing school, work, and EDEN BodyWorks

  • What inspired her to create a natural hair product

Jasmines’ most: Impactful Book: Book of Proverbs in the Bible and Emotional Design, Author: Don Norman

Impactful Advice Received: Don't give up hope.

What is making a mark to Jasmine?

  • Leaving an impact on someone else's life that causes them to think 'how can I be different or how can I make something different or how can I do more'

  • Making people want to act in a positive way.

  • Mentorship and pouring out what you have into the lives of others.

You can find Jasmine at her website: www.jasminelawrence.com Instagram

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