Latasha Haynes of Ike and Tash


Latasha Haynes is one half of the husband and wife wedding and portrait photography team, Ike and Tash, based out of Tacoma, WA in the Pacific Northwest. Tash met her husband on Myspace and they have been married for almost 10 years. It’s because of her 3 year old daughter, Wisdom, that she values being a memory maker even more. She has been blessed to follow her dreams and do what she loves, shooting portraits of gorgeous families, sassy high school seniors and weddings across the country and internationally, as well as teaching, speaking and helping other photographer’s around the country grow and strengthen their business.

Tash believes in leveling the playing field by using her personal privilege to uplift those around her who might be overlooked and supporting and connecting people to opportunities that will launch them into their destiny. Tash and Ike do this via one on one mentorships, their online communities, Mastermind and Inner Circle groups, shootouts, workshops and their annual boutique conference called ‘BLINK Conference’.

This episode is for you if you if you need advice on getting through a hard season, need to overcome a spirit of selfishness or pettiness or you’re a current or aspiring photographer.

Topics discussed in this episode: • The concept of ‘her success is not my failure’ • Starting a creative venture in the valley • Your gifts making room for other things • How she got over being selfish with her business • Taking it one day at a time • The importance of being ready when opportunities come

Tash’s most:

Impactful Reads: Devotionals -by Joyce Meyer, Steven Furtick, TD Jakes

Impactful Advice Received: Keep your eyes on your paper because you don't know if the person next to you is taking the same test.

What does Making Her Mark mean to Tash? Taking the best of your gifts (even the not so good things) and applying that to life to bring something special to this world that no one else can do. Living your legacy.

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