4 Tips to Move Past Complacency

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In this episode, Dawnjuan discusses ways to determine if you've become complacent and provides tips on moving past complacency. Complacency is showing smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements. To me it’s being in a stagnant state – not progressing forward.

If you’re not sure if you are complacent, take a look at some of the signs below that may mean you have reached a state of complacency or that you could be approaching.

1. You don’t feel challenged in what you are doing 2. You’re not growing – what you knew last year is the same thing you know this year. Nothing new intellectually, 3. You feel stuck and are not doing anything about it 4. You’re lacking ambition – you have goals and dreams you want to achieve, but, you aren’t doing anything about it. 5. Life has become a routine – you aren’t trying anything new

I remember a specific time where I was complacent with my career. I was going through the routine everyday, making decent money and wasn’t necessarily trying to do more. Just going through the motions. No self-development courses, no business development classes – just coming to work doing my job and leaving. Right now I can’t think of exactly what was going on in my life that made me get to that state – BUT, I was there! It was a tough realization once I figured it out. Typically for me something just happens and I come to grips with situation – I would say become more self-aware. Once I noticed I was at this state (which was totally not like me), I started to ask myself some questions (these may help you too):

How did I get here? Why am I here? What do I want? I mean what do I really, really want?! Is this current state going to get me where I want to go?

Take some time to answer those questions EVEN if you think you aren’t complacent. A good measure is also to look at where you were maybe 2-3 years ago and where you are now. Evaluate the change and if you’ve been intentional about moving forward. If you have found that you are complacent and are ready to start realizing your potential, get started with the steps below: 1. Figure out where you want to go 2. Map a plan/strategy that will help you get there 3. Put a date on when you want to make it happen

Get intentional with actions that are going to get you there – don’t just start doing anything. Be intentional about what you are doing.

Moving forward, achieving goals, and being progressive doesn’t just happen. We have to go out and make them happen!

Has anyone else struggled with this? How did you move forward? Share your comment below.

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