Samantha Lomax of 6th and Madison

Samantha Lomax is the creator of 6th & Madison, an internationally selling girl's shoe line of genuine leather, hand crafted brogues, with a signature pink sole. 6th & Madison is the intersection between girl fashion and girl power. Samantha launched 6th and Madison in the fall of 2015 and it has grown quickly. The shoes are available at Laurie's Shoes in St. Louis, Missouri and online at They have been featured in People on the Move, DELUXE Magazine, FOX2 News and awarded Editors Choice by Mini Outfitter.

This episode is for you if you have an idea and want to make it a reality, you're considering owning your own company, or you're working on building business relationships.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How an idea for her daughter turned into a business

  • Learning as you go

  • Getting started when you don't know the path

  • Samantha's reason behind the pink soles

  • Looking at long term things, not short term opportunities

  • The power of good energy and using your intuition

  • Reaching out for help

  • Choosing the right opportunities for your business

  • Believing in yourself

Samantha's most: Recent Books: The Power Playbook, Author: La La Anthony and GIRLBOSS, Author: Sophia Amoruso

Impactful Quote: When the door of opportunity opens, don't close it. Leave it open for the person behind you.

Impactful Advice Received: Some things will just take time.  

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