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I’m Dawnjuan the creator and founder of this movement, which came from a place of void for myself. See for the majority of my career I’ve been the only woman in the room, in addition - the only woman of color. This has come with it’s own set of challenges. However, I’ve always been diligent about growth and doing my best to move to the next level. Many of my personal peers and family are not in the same industry as myself. All that being said I’m a proud woman of color in tech. I’m a certified Project Management Professional and I’ve obtained my Masters in Business Administration. While I’m proud of these degrees and knowledge obtained from pursuing, I will say that are so many skills that are not taught that are necessary to be successful. I’ll talk a little more on that below.

Let’s talk about Making Her Mark….

It’s my belief that your legacy is all the lives you touch. All of the people that have seen and heard your voice. It’s really what you do everyday. It’s how you use your life to be a light to somebody else’s.

All stories are connected, one of the most difficult things in life is to think or feel like you are alone. Making Her Mark is a place where we honor story telling and hope that the podcast guests and episodes resonate with you. Our hope is that you see a little of yourself in the content that is offer and that it helps you to move to that next level you desire. In addition, to feeling a sense of community. It’s so important that we surround ourselves with the right people - it can make are break our success.

There is so much information on the tools and technology we use, which are definitely important. However, here we have a heavy focus on the inner work. It’s hard to conquer your goals if you haven’t mastered or at least identified the inner work that needs to be done. Self-awareness is key.

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